Recap time

Okay, let me just rewind to the last week and a half! I’ve been slacking in updating you all because I’ve been super busy but I’ll fill you in. This first part of the post I actually wrote on the airplane on the way home Monday evening but never actually got around to posting it.

What a weekend, so I suppose I should start from Thursday as I began my weekend then. I mentioned that I would be going out of town but didn’t quite say what I was doing aside from a wedding.

Thursday I drove 2 1/2 hours to the airport so I could fly out at 2 ish and ended up arriving in Michigan right around 6 or so. That night I just stayed at a friends house because honestly I was tired and it was late when we got back (she made a wrong turn and we went an hour out of the way). I didn’t mind since I was just going to relax anyway.
Friday I woke up and got around for the day, then went to see my family! My niece was born last summer so I was excited to see her and how much she had grown. I spent some time with family before going to dinner with some friends. The original plan was to go to my favorite Mexican restaurant but there was a snowstorm and they closed at 3pm. I was so bummed. We just went to a place where we can have drinks too and hung out.
Saturday we woke up bright and early and I got around to be drove to another town where I used to work. I stopped there and visited my old co-workers before I was picked up again to head to the wedding I had went home for. (Let me tell you, if you’ve ever traveled and not had a car I wouldn’t recommend it). It was frustrating having to get rides every place, it almost felt like in high school when you had to have a ride everywhere you went. The wedding was beautiful, the bride was gorgeous and we all had a great time.
Sunday we went back from the hotel and I tried to take a short nap (which didn’t really work). After that my best friend came and picked me up and I went to see my nephew who was born only a few short days before I left! Holy moly he was SO big! I was so glad I got to visit with them!
The long weekend brings me to today, Monday. I woke up bright and early to get around and I was picked up by my friend Tim, we went to lunch and then headed to the airport. I am currently on the plane watching the snowy ground disappear slowly. I’ll tell you, I picked the one weekend where my hometown got 10-12 inches of snow in the few days I was there. It was nice to see it again but I can’t wait to get back to nice and warm 70+ degree South Carolina weather!
The other things I’m excited for are: sleeping in my own bed and seeing my boyfriend.
It is now Friday and I have been home for 4 days and it has been crazy busy! I had an exam Tuesday morning, work Tuesday night, all morning and night Wednesday and Thursday morning. So as you can see, that is why I’ve been MIA. I never got around to a Bachelor post this week but honestly I wasn’t TOO thrilled other than the fact Arie picked his 4 hometown dates.
I don’t really understand why Arie picked Lauren to stay because I feel like they didn’t really have THAT big of a connection, but I guess there are always things on the show that aren’t shown to the rest of the world. As far as him picking Kendall over Bekah, I’m shocked but I’m not shocked. Bekah is 22 and he’s had his reserves about her but I really liked her so I’m kind of bummed. Anyway, next week’s episode should be interesting!
Alright all, I’m off to finish laundry, cleaning, cooking etc before work tonight! Have an awesome weekend and I’ll be back Sunday or Monday with a NEW post I’m sure you will be excited to read.

Well Monday night’s episode of The Bachelor was actually pretty interesting! I have to say though I am super jealous that they all got to go to Paris, and then Italy! Two places I’ve wanted to visit for so long and hopefully one day will get to. But that’s besides the point, let me tell you my thoughts on Monday’s episode because there’s a lot to talk about. If you haven’t watched it yet, please STOP now before you ruin it for yourself!

Eiffel Tower

Okay so let me start off with Lauren. I am not really a big fan of hers honestly and I thought their date wasn’t that great. She just doesn’t seem to have a ton of personality and if she does, she just doesn’t show it…like at all! With that being said, I feel like she should’ve been sent home but that’s just me.

Next up, the dreaded 2 on 1! I FREAKING KNEW IT! Krystal was going on the 2 on 1 date, and honestly I think it should have been her and Jacqueline on it, not Kendall. I mean really, we haven’t seen Jacqueline and Arie communicating THAT much and when they do it just doesn’t seem to be too much of a connection. I actually really like Kendall.

Kendall from Bachelor

She’s super quirky but she seems intelligent and I think her and Arie have a decent connection (better than his and Jacqueline’s). Plus I mean come on, they ate worms together! That says a lot. I’m pretty sure she is the taxidermist, which is actually SUPER WEIRD, but hey you like what you like. I’m really glad he didn’t send her home on the 2 on 1 date and that he sent Krystal instead!

Krystal seriously deserved to go. I was sick of listening to her annoying voice every week anyway. Plus all she did was cause drama for no reason. It was time.

Lastly, the Rose Ceremony. I am glad that Chelsea finally got sent home as well because:

  1. She didn’t really need to be away from her kid anymore since she wasn’t going to win
  2. She was kind of on my nerves anyway

I knew Jenna would be sent home because her and Arie didn’t really have a connection anyway.

Also, I’m glad Becca K got to stay but I feel like they haven’t really spent a lot of time together since their 1 on 1 date which seems like forever ago. In the preview for next week it looked like they will be having another though!

Drop me a comment and let me know who you think will be the top 4 ladies that also get to go to hometown dates! I would love to see if we agree.

Alright all, I’m not sure the next time I’ll be posting as I have a busy next five days! I’m heading back to snowy Michigan for the weekend for a wedding! I hope you all have an awesome weekend!


Is it only Monday?

Okay, I’ve totally slacked this entire week on updating my blog. If I’m being completely honest, my second class for the semester started, I’ve been working and doing homework and just spending time with my boyfriend. With that being said, don’t shoot me if this post isn’t too long! I just got home from working the last twelve hours and I am exhausted. I did want to stop on and do a quick recap of THE SUPERBOWL!!!

Okay, first…let’s talk commericals.

superbowl pic

I know the commercials are NOT the best part of the Superbowl, but they are usually a BIG part of it. I honestly thought the commercials sucked this year! Many of them were commercials that are already on TV before the Superbowl, and normally the commercials are ALL brand spanking new and relate to the Superbowl. The best one I think was the Vikings commercial, where they were heading towards Minneapolis and turn around all sad like (Insert laughing emoji) But really, that was probably the best one.


Justin freaking Timberlake.

JT Superbowl show

Okay, I don’t know about you all but Justin Timberlake and the half time show made me SO happy! I have always really liked him (he was in *NSYNC, DUH). But he rocked it, he had the moves, he did a tribute to Prince and sounded great. I would have been EXTREMELY thrilled, like pee my pants excited if *NSYNC would have come out and done Bye, Bye, Bye at least one time, is that just me? Anyway, it was awesome.

Lastly, Patriots vs. Eagles.

Okay, clearly this was the main part of the Superbowl, obviously. It was seriously a really good game and a close one at that. Am I happy that the 99 year old Eagles fan got to see his favorite team win the Superbowl once in his lifetime? Absolutely. I still kind of wanted the Pats to win. I mean, Tom Brady can add one more win under his belt before he retires. Anyway, I’m not all butt hurt, can’t win em’ all right?

Alright everyone, this girl has got to go to bed. I work in the morning and I need to finish this homework. Catch you tomorrow with a Bachelor post after work (and dress shopping).


On a serious note…

Okay so this blog is going to go two very opposite ways. Bare with me.

First, the ever so promised Bachelor post of course! This is the upper of the post. Figured I’d start with the good and leave the not so good for last.

Okay so first off, I still hate Krystal. Like I don’t think I hated her before but now I just really need her to leave. I’m pretty sure they are saving her for the well known one on one date, but honestly I think we all know she is going home eventually after last nights freak out.

Kyrstal 2 bachelor

Like how do you get THAT mad because someone changed their mind, then do the same exact thing later in the evening! She makes no sense. I’m convinced she’s evil but who am I to judge.

Next up, Chelsea.

I have a love hate relationship with my feelings on Chelsea. At first I liked her a lot, then she started to annoy me. Now I’m kind of liking her again. She’s super gorgeous and she’s a mom, plus last night she actually got deeper into her life with Arie and I think that made her seem less like a bitch and more like an actual person. I’m sure next week I’ll change my view again, but hey it happens.

I did LOVE Tia’s date with Arie and I’m so glad they had a one on one finally. But did she really tell him she was falling in love with him already? I feel like it’s too soon, I mean that was their first one on one…Who knows, I suppose everyone falls in love at different rates. I did love their date in the Everglades! I need to see an alligator that close in person, but also I’d probably pee my pants.

Okay, next I just need to mention how freakin’ excited I am about the Bachelor Winter Games! It airs February 13th and it is probably going to be so entertaining, why you ask? Well first off, Ashley I is on it and we all know when Ashley is around the tears are ALWAYS flowing, which makes for some entertainment. Plus she has the ugliest crying face and it always makes me laugh! Can we also talk about the eye candy coming back? Ben Higgins & Dean Unglert!

bachelor winter games

I wonder if it will be like them competing in games against the other countries Bachelor contestants, kind of like The Challenge? We shall see but I am so stoked to watch it!

Okay lastly I need to talk about something I saw on Facebook today that REALLY upset me, like extremely.

I was scrolling through Facebook when I woke up and just checking out what was going on in the world and I saw a post from someone on my friends list along the lines of this

“If someone you know told you they were feeling they wanted to commit suicide, what would you do?” Naturally, I looked in the comments to see what other people said back to her, what type of advice they gave her. The first few comments were great, people were trying to give her helpful advice which was what I had hoped I would see. The next comment really set me off, it said “Bet them they can’t do it”…

Ummm, WHAT THE HELL??? Why would you ever tell someone who is thinking of committing suicide that you “Bet they can’t do it”??? Now that I was angry, I kept scrolling in hopes the rest of the comments would make me feel better…I was mistaken.

The next two comments from two other people said the following:
“Personally, if they really feel that way and they’re old enough to decide that, then they may. As messed up as that might sound I’m just being sympathetic”

Excuse me? How is that sympathy???

The last comment put me in just a fit of rage..

“Show them how to properly knot a noose”
I seriously want to cry in hopes that the person this girl was talking about would NEVER see these comments from these inconsiderate assholes. Some people don’t understand how their words can seriously affect someone else, especially online.
If you or someone you know has any thoughts or feeling of suicide, please reach out to someone you care about or be their friend and just talk to them.

The suicide hotline number is: 1-800-273-8255

Don’t EVER feel that you aren’t good enough, or cared for enough, over time things will get better.

Now that I’ve turned to the sad part of my post I think I’ll just end it there. Catch you all later this week.


Belated Sunday Funday

I apologize I was supposed to post yesterday but I had a long busy day so I didn’t get around to it. So today I bring to you, a belated Sunday Funday post.

Okay, so let me rewind to Friday. I literally had two hilarious things happen so I figured I would document them and share with you all. So the first was, I was putting dishes away and a freaking HUGE bug popped out of one of the dishes! Scared the bejesus out of me, let me tell you. I think I was using tongs for about 15 minutes to push the dishes around and try to get it out of there. Well, long story short and 35 minutes later, the bug landed on the counter and so it resulted in this homemade trap. Yeah yeah, laugh if you want but I cannot stand bugs!

bug hidden

Yes, a bit ridiculous. But honestly, I had to. A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do. Am I right? Okay, the next thing that happened was I was cutting peppers and found this inside one of them!

baby pepper inside a pepper

Apparently, it is another pepper. It looked so weird. Basically like a baby pepper inside a pepper. We didn’t eat it of course but man, I was weirded out. Also, did you know that peppers can be male or female?? I just found out today and it made me laugh thinking of this “baby” pepper I found inside the other one. Anyway,  I hope everyone had an awesome weekend! I’ll be back tomorrow with a Bachelor post of course!



I hope everyone had an awesome week! I can’t complain about mine, but I am happy it’s Friday because that means my boyfriend is off for two and a half days! We don’t have any huge plans since I work tonight and tomorrow morning, but Sunday night we have dinner plans at this restaurant on the water that we haven’t been to before! I’ll post pictures in my next post so you all can see too!

Today’s post I thought I would centralize around a couple TV show’s that I just can’t get enough of! The first two I won’t go too into detail so I don’t ruin them for anyone but the last one will be a recap of a show that was on this week (Not the Bachelor again). So I’ll be sure to warn you all when I start going into detail on that one!


So I just started watching Riverdale this week because I had heard of SO many people watching it and really liking it. And honestly, it is really good! I’m only just starting episode 4 but so far I’ve liked it! Guess who stars on it?? COLE SPROUSE! It definitley gives me some nostalgia of my childhood and watching the Suite life of Zack and Cody. He’s so grunge in this show, it’s super weird. But the show is basically about a new girl who comes to town, another girl who’s twin brother was murdered, a high school boy in love with his music teacher and so much more! If you’ve seen it, leave me a comment on your feelings on the show.

How to Get Away with Murder

HOLY CRAP! This show is seriously amazing. I watched all 3 seasons in a few weeks time. I’m not saying I’m proud but I binged watched it like crazy. THAT’S how good it was. I recommend this to any and every one. In short (without giving anything away) it’s about a group of law students who work on court cases with their lawyer professor. Over time, things get really sticky and crazy at that. It’s hard to explain without giving TOO much away. But let me tell you, any show by Shonda Rhimes is worth it in my book to at least try.

Grey’s Anatomy

I cannot say enough about this show. I’ve probably seen the 12 season’s that are on Netflix about 10 times…Sometimes it’s just background noise but it NEVER get’s old. If you’re emotional, you may cry at times just warning you. I’m obsessed with this show though. Now, on to last night’s episode.


Okay, so first off I need to say that last night’s episode made me get the feels for April. She seriously couldn’t win. It was one thing after another, and that poor girl kept turning to God hoping for him to show her why it was all happening. I’m interested to see how the following few episodes turn out for her after that. Especially with her going home with that other newer doctor from the bar!!!! The whole time I was thinking APRIL WHAT ARE YOU DOING??? But I really think that she just felt like God was really pushing her and giving her the runaround and maybe she just felt failed so she did something she shouldn’t have done to try and feel better. Let’s just hope she doesn’t get pregnant by this dude! Hello April, Jackson is the best and hottest thing you’ve ever had!

Next, Jo & Paul Stadler!!! The ending to this whole situation was pretty much irony because honestly, he abused her and his now fiance and in the end Jo had to decide what to do with his body. I think she couldn’t have done anything better than donating his organs! And did anyone else notice his fiance in the last 2 episodes is Haley from OTC? I love her so much. She’s gorgeous.

Bethany joy lenz from otc

Anyway, I am happy that Jo can finally move on, free from the shackles of that man and live her life with Alex. When will they get married??

Okay, I could honestly write a book about this show so I’m going to stop there before I bore you all! Leave me your comments about any of these shows and tell me what you thought about last night’s episode of Grey’s! I’ll be back Sunday with a Sunday Funday post so stay tuned! Happy weekend.


Are you freaking kidding me?

Alright, as promised I am here tonight to share with you my thoughts, feelings, questions, concerns and frustrations about last nights episode of The Bachelor. If you haven’t watched yet STOP NOW!! SPOILER ALERT!

I don’t want to ruin it for anyone, but I have got to get out what is on my chest about it! If you have watched it, feel free to leave me some comments telling me your thoughts about it!

Initially I thought I liked Krystal.
She’s gorgeous. She has a great body because of her awesome work outs. She seems to have a good head on her shoulders with everything she says she does for the homeless because of her brother. I initially liked her even though her voice absolutely drove me nuts (and still does). 

Krystal from Bachelor

But, after last night I’m glad I started to dislike her because she proved she didn’t need to be there. Not only does she act like everyone is “attacking” her when generally she is the one who is doing the attacking. She made it seem as though other girls were rude to her because they tried to cut into her time with Arie, but she did the same thing HOW MANY TIMES in the beginning episodes?

I honestly think they are just keeping her on the show for a couple more weeks just because she is connected to drama, therefore she makes for good TV. She isn’t Arie’s wifey material. Enough about Krystal. Let’s talk Bekah!

Bekah, Bekah, Bekah. Where do I start?

Bekah M from the bachelor
Her and Arie are seriously FIRE when they are together! Their chemistry is off the charts! But finding out her age last night was a bit shocking. I mean, I knew she was young..But 14 years younger than him?? No wonder he likes her. She’s young, full of energy, sexual chemistry is at an all time high and she’s adventurous. But let’s be honest here, Arie is 34…He is looking for a wife. How exactly would Bekah know that he is her forever at the end of this thing??

When it’s all said and done, would she be ready to be a wife? She’s barely legal enough to drink alcohol, and she said so herself she hasn’t been in love before. It’s just hard I think for Arie, he really likes her and is attracted to her vibe but he probably doesn’t want to take away from her next five years of living as a young single girl. That’s just my opinion. I do really like Bekah, but I don’t think they will end up together.

I do honestly think that Tia could potentially have a chance in the end! I LOVE Tia. Maybe because she reminds me of Raven and I really liked Raven. But I just love her. She’s got her southern belle thing going on, she’s gorgeous and her and Arie seem to have a connection. On another note, was it just me or was she a little bit tipsy in last night’s episode when she went off on Krystal? She did seem a little more catty towards her, and a little more flirty and open with Arie when they chatted. Hmm…

Tia from bachelor

Poor Maquel and her family. I seriously almost started crying when she got the phone call about her grandpa. Do you think she will come back? Even if she does I really don’t think she has a chance. I’m also pretty sure she is like only a year older than Bekah.

Lastly, did anyone see the very ending of the episode when the credits started rolling and Marikh was talking to Chelsea about “glam-shaming” her? It actually made me laugh out loud. Like girl, you were HIKING in the mountains and you were using a compass as a mirror to fix her already perfect hair…Oh well, to each her own am I right?

Alright everyone, I am sleepy and should probably do a bit of note taking for my class before I head to bed!