Is it only Monday?

Okay, I’ve totally slacked this entire week on updating my blog. If I’m being completely honest, my second class for the semester started, I’ve been working and doing homework and just spending time with my boyfriend. With that being said, don’t shoot me if this post isn’t too long! I just got home from working the last twelve hours and I am exhausted. I did want to stop on and do a quick recap of THE SUPERBOWL!!!

Okay, first…let’s talk commericals.

superbowl pic

I know the commercials are NOT the best part of the Superbowl, but they are usually a BIG part of it. I honestly thought the commercials sucked this year! Many of them were commercials that are already on TV before the Superbowl, and normally the commercials are ALL brand spanking new and relate to the Superbowl. The best one I think was the Vikings commercial, where they were heading towards Minneapolis and turn around all sad like (Insert laughing emoji) But really, that was probably the best one.


Justin freaking Timberlake.

JT Superbowl show

Okay, I don’t know about you all but Justin Timberlake and the half time show made me SO happy! I have always really liked him (he was in *NSYNC, DUH). But he rocked it, he had the moves, he did a tribute to Prince and sounded great. I would have been EXTREMELY thrilled, like pee my pants excited if *NSYNC would have come out and done Bye, Bye, Bye at least one time, is that just me? Anyway, it was awesome.

Lastly, Patriots vs. Eagles.

Okay, clearly this was the main part of the Superbowl, obviously. It was seriously a really good game and a close one at that. Am I happy that the 99 year old Eagles fan got to see his favorite team win the Superbowl once in his lifetime? Absolutely. I still kind of wanted the Pats to win. I mean, Tom Brady can add one more win under his belt before he retires. Anyway, I’m not all butt hurt, can’t win em’ all right?

Alright everyone, this girl has got to go to bed. I work in the morning and I need to finish this homework. Catch you tomorrow with a Bachelor post after work (and dress shopping).



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