On a serious note…

Okay so this blog is going to go two very opposite ways. Bare with me.

First, the ever so promised Bachelor post of course! This is the upper of the post. Figured I’d start with the good and leave the not so good for last.

Okay so first off, I still hate Krystal. Like I don’t think I hated her before but now I just really need her to leave. I’m pretty sure they are saving her for the well known one on one date, but honestly I think we all know she is going home eventually after last nights freak out.

Kyrstal 2 bachelor

Like how do you get THAT mad because someone changed their mind, then do the same exact thing later in the evening! She makes no sense. I’m convinced she’s evil but who am I to judge.

Next up, Chelsea.

I have a love hate relationship with my feelings on Chelsea. At first I liked her a lot, then she started to annoy me. Now I’m kind of liking her again. She’s super gorgeous and she’s a mom, plus last night she actually got deeper into her life with Arie and I think that made her seem less like a bitch and more like an actual person. I’m sure next week I’ll change my view again, but hey it happens.

I did LOVE Tia’s date with Arie and I’m so glad they had a one on one finally. But did she really tell him she was falling in love with him already? I feel like it’s too soon, I mean that was their first one on one…Who knows, I suppose everyone falls in love at different rates. I did love their date in the Everglades! I need to see an alligator that close in person, but also I’d probably pee my pants.

Okay, next I just need to mention how freakin’ excited I am about the Bachelor Winter Games! It airs February 13th and it is probably going to be so entertaining, why you ask? Well first off, Ashley I is on it and we all know when Ashley is around the tears are ALWAYS flowing, which makes for some entertainment. Plus she has the ugliest crying face and it always makes me laugh! Can we also talk about the eye candy coming back? Ben Higgins & Dean Unglert!

bachelor winter games

I wonder if it will be like them competing in games against the other countries Bachelor contestants, kind of like The Challenge? We shall see but I am so stoked to watch it!

Okay lastly I need to talk about something I saw on Facebook today that REALLY upset me, like extremely.

I was scrolling through Facebook when I woke up and just checking out what was going on in the world and I saw a post from someone on my friends list along the lines of this

“If someone you know told you they were feeling they wanted to commit suicide, what would you do?” Naturally, I looked in the comments to see what other people said back to her, what type of advice they gave her. The first few comments were great, people were trying to give her helpful advice which was what I had hoped I would see. The next comment really set me off, it said “Bet them they can’t do it”…

Ummm, WHAT THE HELL??? Why would you ever tell someone who is thinking of committing suicide that you “Bet they can’t do it”??? Now that I was angry, I kept scrolling in hopes the rest of the comments would make me feel better…I was mistaken.

The next two comments from two other people said the following:
“Personally, if they really feel that way and they’re old enough to decide that, then they may. As messed up as that might sound I’m just being sympathetic”

Excuse me? How is that sympathy???

The last comment put me in just a fit of rage..

“Show them how to properly knot a noose”
I seriously want to cry in hopes that the person this girl was talking about would NEVER see these comments from these inconsiderate assholes. Some people don’t understand how their words can seriously affect someone else, especially online.
If you or someone you know has any thoughts or feeling of suicide, please reach out to someone you care about or be their friend and just talk to them.

The suicide hotline number is: 1-800-273-8255

Don’t EVER feel that you aren’t good enough, or cared for enough, over time things will get better.

Now that I’ve turned to the sad part of my post I think I’ll just end it there. Catch you all later this week.



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