I hope everyone had an awesome week! I can’t complain about mine, but I am happy it’s Friday because that means my boyfriend is off for two and a half days! We don’t have any huge plans since I work tonight and tomorrow morning, but Sunday night we have dinner plans at this restaurant on the water that we haven’t been to before! I’ll post pictures in my next post so you all can see too!

Today’s post I thought I would centralize around a couple TV show’s that I just can’t get enough of! The first two I won’t go too into detail so I don’t ruin them for anyone but the last one will be a recap of a show that was on this week (Not the Bachelor again). So I’ll be sure to warn you all when I start going into detail on that one!


So I just started watching Riverdale this week because I had heard of SO many people watching it and really liking it. And honestly, it is really good! I’m only just starting episode 4 but so far I’ve liked it! Guess who stars on it?? COLE SPROUSE! It definitley gives me some nostalgia of my childhood and watching the Suite life of Zack and Cody. He’s so grunge in this show, it’s super weird. But the show is basically about a new girl who comes to town, another girl who’s twin brother was murdered, a high school boy in love with his music teacher and so much more! If you’ve seen it, leave me a comment on your feelings on the show.

How to Get Away with Murder

HOLY CRAP! This show is seriously amazing. I watched all 3 seasons in a few weeks time. I’m not saying I’m proud but I binged watched it like crazy. THAT’S how good it was. I recommend this to any and every one. In short (without giving anything away) it’s about a group of law students who work on court cases with their lawyer professor. Over time, things get really sticky and crazy at that. It’s hard to explain without giving TOO much away. But let me tell you, any show by Shonda Rhimes is worth it in my book to at least try.

Grey’s Anatomy

I cannot say enough about this show. I’ve probably seen the 12 season’s that are on Netflix about 10 times…Sometimes it’s just background noise but it NEVER get’s old. If you’re emotional, you may cry at times just warning you. I’m obsessed with this show though. Now, on to last night’s episode.


Okay, so first off I need to say that last night’s episode made me get the feels for April. She seriously couldn’t win. It was one thing after another, and that poor girl kept turning to God hoping for him to show her why it was all happening. I’m interested to see how the following few episodes turn out for her after that. Especially with her going home with that other newer doctor from the bar!!!! The whole time I was thinking APRIL WHAT ARE YOU DOING??? But I really think that she just felt like God was really pushing her and giving her the runaround and maybe she just felt failed so she did something she shouldn’t have done to try and feel better. Let’s just hope she doesn’t get pregnant by this dude! Hello April, Jackson is the best and hottest thing you’ve ever had!

Next, Jo & Paul Stadler!!! The ending to this whole situation was pretty much irony because honestly, he abused her and his now fiance and in the end Jo had to decide what to do with his body. I think she couldn’t have done anything better than donating his organs! And did anyone else notice his fiance in the last 2 episodes is Haley from OTC? I love her so much. She’s gorgeous.

Bethany joy lenz from otc

Anyway, I am happy that Jo can finally move on, free from the shackles of that man and live her life with Alex. When will they get married??

Okay, I could honestly write a book about this show so I’m going to stop there before I bore you all! Leave me your comments about any of these shows and tell me what you thought about last night’s episode of Grey’s! I’ll be back Sunday with a Sunday Funday post so stay tuned! Happy weekend.



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