Are you freaking kidding me?

Alright, as promised I am here tonight to share with you my thoughts, feelings, questions, concerns and frustrations about last nights episode of The Bachelor. If you haven’t watched yet STOP NOW!! SPOILER ALERT!

I don’t want to ruin it for anyone, but I have got to get out what is on my chest about it! If you have watched it, feel free to leave me some comments telling me your thoughts about it!

Initially I thought I liked Krystal.
She’s gorgeous. She has a great body because of her awesome work outs. She seems to have a good head on her shoulders with everything she says she does for the homeless because of her brother. I initially liked her even though her voice absolutely drove me nuts (and still does). 

Krystal from Bachelor

But, after last night I’m glad I started to dislike her because she proved she didn’t need to be there. Not only does she act like everyone is “attacking” her when generally she is the one who is doing the attacking. She made it seem as though other girls were rude to her because they tried to cut into her time with Arie, but she did the same thing HOW MANY TIMES in the beginning episodes?

I honestly think they are just keeping her on the show for a couple more weeks just because she is connected to drama, therefore she makes for good TV. She isn’t Arie’s wifey material. Enough about Krystal. Let’s talk Bekah!

Bekah, Bekah, Bekah. Where do I start?

Bekah M from the bachelor
Her and Arie are seriously FIRE when they are together! Their chemistry is off the charts! But finding out her age last night was a bit shocking. I mean, I knew she was young..But 14 years younger than him?? No wonder he likes her. She’s young, full of energy, sexual chemistry is at an all time high and she’s adventurous. But let’s be honest here, Arie is 34…He is looking for a wife. How exactly would Bekah know that he is her forever at the end of this thing??

When it’s all said and done, would she be ready to be a wife? She’s barely legal enough to drink alcohol, and she said so herself she hasn’t been in love before. It’s just hard I think for Arie, he really likes her and is attracted to her vibe but he probably doesn’t want to take away from her next five years of living as a young single girl. That’s just my opinion. I do really like Bekah, but I don’t think they will end up together.

I do honestly think that Tia could potentially have a chance in the end! I LOVE Tia. Maybe because she reminds me of Raven and I really liked Raven. But I just love her. She’s got her southern belle thing going on, she’s gorgeous and her and Arie seem to have a connection. On another note, was it just me or was she a little bit tipsy in last night’s episode when she went off on Krystal? She did seem a little more catty towards her, and a little more flirty and open with Arie when they chatted. Hmm…

Tia from bachelor

Poor Maquel and her family. I seriously almost started crying when she got the phone call about her grandpa. Do you think she will come back? Even if she does I really don’t think she has a chance. I’m also pretty sure she is like only a year older than Bekah.

Lastly, did anyone see the very ending of the episode when the credits started rolling and Marikh was talking to Chelsea about “glam-shaming” her? It actually made me laugh out loud. Like girl, you were HIKING in the mountains and you were using a compass as a mirror to fix her already perfect hair…Oh well, to each her own am I right?

Alright everyone, I am sleepy and should probably do a bit of note taking for my class before I head to bed!



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